Where are the tents made?
All our tents are handmade by highly skilled tent makers here in our workshop in the UK from UK sourced materials where possible. By appointment you can come and visit the workshop. We have not licensed our tent designs to anyone else to make for us, nor do we subcontract any work out to any foreign location.
How do I put my tent up?
All Past Tents tents are designed in such a way that they are straight-forward to erect by people with standard abilities. No tools are required other than a mallet for hammering in the pegs. Our tents are of significantly heavier construction than modern plastic tents so can take a little getting used to putting up.
How do I peg out my tent correctly?
It is important that the tent is pegged out correctly to ensure the canvas is tensioned evenly. As a natural material the tension in the canvas will change with the weather, getting slack in dry weather, and taught in wet. Check the pegs occasionally as the weather changes.
What type of Materials are used to make the tents?
All Past Tents tents are hand made to order in our English workshop in Northamptonshire and made using top-quality heavy-duty 12 ounce (393 gram) cotton canvas which has been treated to be water and rot proofed. We do not use inferior grades of canvas. This makes your tent durable, long lasting and designed for long term use under normal circumstances.
How many people are required to put up the Tents?
Most of the standard and smaller size tents are easily erected using two or perhaps three people, and with practice many people are able to erect the tents single handed.
As each tent is hand-made by our skilled craftworkers, all dimensions quoted are approximate and are provided on each of the products details page.
Care for your tent
Ensure your tent is thoroughly dried before you place it into storage. Tents put away damp or stored in a damp environment encourage black spot mildew formation. Your tent can be cleaned by washing the area with clean soapy water, you may need to reproof the area using a proprietary brand reproofing product designed for canvas. After many years use your tent may need to be re-proofed to ensure it remains fully water tight, please ensure you use a proprietary proofing system designed for canvas use, or we can do it for you for a modest charge.
What if I damage my tent?
If you are unfortunate enough to damage your tent or lose any parts, Past Tents offer a repair and replacement service. Please call us (+44 (0)1280 850386) to discuss your requirements.
What is included in the price?
When you purchase a Past Tents tent you will receive all the canvas, poles, pegs, slips, finials and guy ropes necessary to put it up and keep it up. Groundsheets and awnings are an optional extra for most tents as some customers have their own plans for the interior tent flooring.
How weather proof is a tent?
When properly put up and pegged down on good solid ground our tents can withstand a surprisingly heavy battering from wind and water, much more so than modern plastic tents and those of some of our competitors we are told. We have had customers tell us of storms that passed through a campsite leaving trails of destruction of all non Past Tents tents behind. However they are canvas, rope and wood and some of our bigger tents offer more resistance to the wind than the smaller ones, so we would suggest you err on the side of caution in strong winds or bad weather.
Life Expectancy
A tent that is well cared for will last for many years. We have had reports of tents purchased 20 years ago that are still in regular use today. Some colours will fade over years of long exposure to the sun, but this is a natural occurrence and gives your tent the authentic ‘on campaign look’.
Groundsheets, specifically designed for your new tent, are available as an optional extra. The groundsheet is made from Jute matting with a plastic undersheet.
Waiting Time
All tents are made to order in our workshop here in Biddlesden in the ancient Medieval forest of Whittlewood and as such there is a waiting time for each order. This will vary depending on the time of year, and the size of the order. We typically get very busy in the spring and early summer, and less busy in the Autumn and Winter. Please contact Past Tents for the current waiting time, but in general we try to keep it to about six to eight weeks. We do occasionally have the occasional tent in stock and available immediately.
Delivery Time
Our carrier company provides a next working day delivery service within the mainland UK. Deliveries to Europe normally take between three to five working days. Deliveries outside of Europe please ask for details.
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